About Element 14 Art

Element 14 Art features the artistic designs and talent of Fred Vogt.  Fred
has studios in Chesterfield, Missouri and The Woodlands, Texas, where he creates unique handmade objects by lampworking. 

The term lampworking comes from the time when Italian artisans used lamps before they had hotter oxygen propane torches. They used the lamps to melt glass and make glass beads and other decorative objects.

Lampworking today utilize gas/oxygen torches to melt glass rods. The molten glass is then wrapped around a stainless steel rod (mandrel) to form a glass bead. Artistically adding different colors, shaping, heating and cooling create the magic in each bead. Some glass reacts chemically with other glass to form unique colors or patterns - some glass contains silver which allows interesting effects to be achieved. A number of the necklaces pictured have silver glass incorporated within them. Murano, Italy is renown for its superb glass working and most of the glass rods used for making these beads come from Murano. Rods are also sourced from the USA, Germany and China. The glass costs from $10/lb for basic glass up to $100/lb for silver glass. The silver glass does add unique effects and is a favorite to work with in creating special beads.

Clearly this is  a simplistic explanation of lampworking. In reality there are many steps with multiple techniques skillfully applied to get the desired result. The end product is an unique piece of handcrafted art that is one of a kind piece of jewelry. No two pieces, like snowflakes, will ever be the same.

Silver magic      Length 2 inches and 3/4 inches wide      $48.00
Sterling silver bail and post.    
These are antique keys that have a lamp worked beaded formed around them. $20.00 each - your choice from left A, B, C, or D

More antique keys - $20.00 each. Your choice from left E, F & G
The Old World         Length 27 inches              Price $100.00
This bead is a very large bead, 1.25 inches, and is a bit darker and more vibrant than shows. Sterling silver chain easily fits over your head.
Haley's Magic                                             Price $55.00
This is a large focal lentil, 1.25 inches in width, with silver glass twisties. It is ready to put on your silver necklace. Bail and bed cap are sterling silver. 
Topaz Magic       Width 1.25 inches      Price $55.00
Sterling silver bail and bead cap.
Pacifica                  Width 1.25 inches        Price $48.00
Sterling silver bail and bead cap.
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