These are a more examples of Fred's handcrafted jewelry items.   

Raku Magic            Length 18.25 inches      Price $160.00
There are so many colors in the raku that this necklace goes well with blues, greens, tans, black and ivory. 
Inca Gold                  Length  18 inches            Price  $135.00
This necklace incorporates 24kt gold leaf in the beads which are then carefully encased in clear glass for a very distinctive look. 
Renaissance Pendent  Length 19.5 to 21 inches    Price $145.00
Ivory colored beads accented with black Swarouski crystals. 

Napa Valley         Length 19.5 to 21.5 inches     Price $140.00
This necklace is primaarily burgundy with accents of silvered glass and sterling silver bead caps, spacers and clasp. The earrings are included.
Wine Bottle           Length  17.5 inches                Price $100.00 
This necklace is made from a cabrenet wine bottle (it was a very good wine). Because it is a different type of glass it does require extra work, but is a great conversatimon piece and demonstrates being "green". Clasp is 14kt plated gold.
Monterrey Bay       Length 18.75 to 21.5 inches    Price 185.00  
This necklace includes abalone shell and comes with sterling silver clasp and extender chain. Earrings are sterling silver and included in the price.   

Marco Polo's Treasure   Length 17.5 inches    Price $135.00
This necklace reminds one of Asia. Raku glass over a black glass base. The rake has swirls and lots of colors. Sterling silver caps and spacers.


Bali Nights                  Length                     $135.00
This necklace has a large focal combined with green shell beads. Clasp, spacers and links are gold plated.

Blues Swirls             Length 17.5 inches         Price $145.00
This necklace has beads that have four different colors swirled together. Beads range from 8mm to 14mm. Clasp is sterling silver.                     SOLD

Summer Fun                   Length 18 inches             $165.00
A necklace style that gets more comments than any other necklace. Goes with everything since it incorporates so many colors. Sterling silver clasp and spacers.  
Twistie Surprise               Length                        $145.00
These beads are made up of lots of twisties over a white base. With this many colors it will go with most everything.

South Pacific            Length  17.5 inches                         $145.00
This necklace is made with ivory colored glass accented with Swaroski crystals. A simply stated elegance.
Wild Berries              Length  18 inches              Price $125.00
This necklace has beads that are any shades of pink, purple, red and lilac. A nice casual necklace that could be used on a more formal occasion. Clasp is sterling silver.
Citrus Summer           Length  16.25 inches        Price $125.00
This necklace goes well with casual summer outfits. Sterling silver clasp. Shorter length means it is more of choker type of necklace.

Evening in Paris     Length 18.5 to 20 inches  Price $175
This necklace has black glass with silver accents with Swarouski glass crystals. All metal is sterling silver. Price includes earrings.
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